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991819   Kawai CA 99 E/P

Kawai CA 99 E/P

54 595,-

På grunn av vekt må "Frakt hjem over 35kg" velges ved utsjekk.

Vi tilbyr også hjemlevering med montering og tar med oss embalsjen tilbake for kunder i Oslo og Akershus, samt Lier og Drammen. Dette koster kun 1.499,-

Main Features:
-Brand new Grand Feel IIIwooden-key keyboard action
-Advanced SK-EX Renderingmulti-channel piano sound engine
-Premium audio processing, conversion, and amplification technologies
-High performance6-speaker delivery system with 360°diffuser panels
-Unique 3rdgeneration TwinDriveSoundboard Speaker (CA99only)
-Integrated Bluetooth® MIDI and audio with low latency aptX support
-Modern 5"LCD touchscreen display with intuitive swipe operation
-New communication system with dedicated Piano RemoteiOS/Android app
-Flexible Virtual Technicianfunction with 21 adjustable parameters
-Built-in Burgmüller, Czerny, Beyer, Chopin etudes and Alfred lesson songs
-Convenient WAV/MP3/MIDI file record and playback via USB memory
-Attractive cabinet designs available in wood grain and ebony polishfinishes

These updated models incorporate the new Grand Feel III wooden-key keyboard action, delivering a firmer, 
faster, and even more grand piano-like touch feeling, while the improved SK-EX Rendering multi-channel sound
engine features enhanced acoustic piano samples, with new Virtual Technician parameters to precisely control 
the attack, release, and sustain characteristics of each piano. The CA99 and CA79 retain the high fidelity 
audio processing, powerful amplification, and rich speaker delivery of their predecessors, while also
introducing new speaker diffuser panels. These specially developed components expandthe pianos’
tonal projection in all directions, creating a 360° sound field that allows the instruments to sound 
natural for listeners everywhere in the room

The CA79 and CA 99 cheekblock touchscreen display features a brand new user interface that is optimised for 
pianists, while providing easy access to additional sounds and functions that inspire musical creativity. 
Kawai’s redesigned communication standard allows this new user interface to also be accessed as an app 
for iOS and supported Android devices, with all settings and adjustments recalled automatically 
every time the instrument is powered on. Complementing this modern connectivity, the CA99 and 
CA79’s Bluetooth Audio feature now supports the advanced aptX algorithm, allowing high quality 
audio to be streamed through the pianos’superb amplifier and speaker systems wirelessly, with 
minimal latency. Finally, the appearance of both instruments has been modernised for 2020, with 
the flagship CA99 adopting a contemporary upright piano-inspired cabinet design, which also 
incorporates Kawai’s Soft Fall closing mechanism.