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P230019 Rode 230019 Røde NT1 Kit

Røde NT1 Kit

3 350,-
 Lavstøy Stormembran kondensatormikrofon med nyre, SRM Kombinasjon Shock Mount og pop-filter.

Rode NT1 Kit Cardioid Condenser Microphone with Shock Mount/Pop Screen Features:

    An amazing cardioid condenser microphone that provides studio-quality sound any project studio engineer can afford
    An excellent choice for recording virtually any acoustic instrument, voice, or amplifier rig
    Hand-made HF6 large-diaphragm condenser capsule delivers the smooth sound you'd expect from a vintage solid-state mic
    Internal suspension features Rycote Lyre technology to minimize vibration and chassis resonance in all three axises
    High-grade signal path circuitry offers a staggering 4.5dB of self noise, making this one of the quietest studio condensers ever
    Lightweight but durable aluminum body features an incredibly durable baked electrostatic coating with laser-etched lettering
    Bundle with the Rode SRM combination shock mount and pop screen
    Lightweight engineering-grade polymer frame with heavy duty joint/clamp makes this shock mount extremely mic stand friendly
    SRM features Lyre suspension for phenomenal isolation with none of the drawbacks inherent to rubber-band based shock mounts
    Stainless steel pop screen with silicon damper features a PDV base and baked electrostatic coating for extreme durability
    Requires +48V phantom power